Economics of Global Business: Fall 2019, 2020 (syllabus)


PhD Macro Public Finance: Fall 2020 (syllabus)

Part I - Classical Public Finance Revisited

Lecture 0: Introduction to Macro Public Finance Slides, Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Commodity Taxation and Productive Efficiency Slides, Lecture Notes

Lecture 2: Wealth and Capital Taxation in Ramsey Model: Chamley-Judd Slides

Lecture 3: Wealth and Capital Taxation Revisited: Straub-Werning Slides

Lecture 4: Nonlinear Income Taxation Slides, Deterministic Optimal Control Notes

Part II - Dynamic Income Taxation

Lecture 5: Dynamic Taxation I: Capital Taxation Slides

Lecture 6: Dynamic Taxation II: Labor Income Taxation Slides

Lecture 7: Optimal Taxation with Endogenous Wages
Slides:Optimal Taxation and Human Capital Policies, S. Stantcheva
Slides: Redistribution and Performance Pay, P. Doligalski, A. Ndiaye, N. Werquin

Lecture 8: Disability Insurance Slides

Part III - Contemporary Topics in Macro PF

Lecture 9: Taxation and Aggregate Shocks Slides

Lecture 10: Efficiency of Wealth vs Capital Gains Taxation
Slides: Use it or Lose it: Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation, Guvenen et al.
Slides: Efficient Redistribution, Boar and Midrigan

Lecture 11: Gender

Lecture 12: Discrimination and Racial Inequality Slides