Working Papers

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(In computer science, conferences  are peer-reviewed and are the primary publication outlet)

Selected Work In Progress

Property Taxes and Housing Allocation under Financial Frictions
with Joshua Coven, Arpit Gupta, and Sebastian Golder

"Do Currency Unions Foster Trade? Evidence from the CFA Zone"
with Jordan J. Norris

"Optimal Taxation in an Uncertain World"
with Ilia Krasikov

""Property Tax and Public Good Provision in Kanifing, The Gambia"
with Hamidou Jawara,Justine Knebelmann, and Victor Pouliquen

"Multidimensional Blockchain Resource Pricing" [Video Presentation]

“All About That Gas” [Video Presentation]

Policy Papers

"Financing unemployment insurance in high-informality economies: A survey analysis of Senegal", Brookings Policy Brief, Global Economy & Development, 2023

"Assessing the Inclusiveness of Growth in Africa: Evidence from Senegal, Cameroon, and Tanzania",  World Institute for Development  Economics Research Working Paper, 2014/120
with Georges Vivien Houngbonon, Arthur Bauer, Clara Champagne, Tite Yokossi, Nathalie Ferrière, Hédi Brahimi, and Jeanne Avril